Words Come (for blog – On The Heath – I Of July)

Words come
Definite in the press of his pen

As if his ball point
Calls the very thing

To its truth
And written absolute

And carves a living thing
Upon the mind’s white page,

Then frees it
From the words’ vehicle

So the image
Stands real and proud

And wordlessly
Three dimensional.

© Ben Truesdale and distilledvoice, 2015.

10 thoughts on “Words Come (for blog – On The Heath – I Of July)

  1. Yes, fascinating how inspiration inspires … 😉 Two poems (this one and Heath’s why write?) opened the channel through which words come, to me.

    In another sense: I joined a writer’s group last year. Once a month we gather to read our work for each other, and have it critiqued. Which means, of course, we’re expected to critique others. I love how dramatically creation expands when minds interplay freely.

    Writing is often a lonely task. It’s good to be reminded, we’re not alone. And better to build on each other’s creations.


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