Heart Slide

The lonely heart

Is beyond tired:

It is absent.

Acknowledge the absence,

The dept

The insatiable wanting.

See it,

See the absolute truth

Of the hungry heart

And the deepest moment

Where two possibilities balance

Side by side,

Where one thing

Becomes its opposite,

And slides

From dept to fullness,

From hunger to wholeness

From wanting to satisfied,

For the heart is alive

And brimming

With warmth,

Not lonely

Or tired,

Just present.

We Are Of Two Minds

These days
The lonely words spoken in your head
That seem to shout, condemn
And measure you
Against just about everything else,
Pronouncing you lacking
In all of what you could, would and ought to be,
And thus leaving you
Feeling quite sorry
And down about the mouth,
Can now be named


The modern day, 21st century singular self,
So – individual
So – off the peg,
So – go it alone
So – going along with everybody else,
So – I don’t need anybody
So – in need of every other one.

Where speaks the other language,
The older self beyond the singular
Where love is prolific
And condemnation
Is past magic
No longer used
In the mind’s
Spacious vessel
Of new beginnings
And things born
To freshness
And the moods
Of kindness
Flushing the body
Energised and clean?

Where speaks the other mind?

© Ben Truesdale and distilledvoice, 2015.