Bougainvillea Cascade


Over most the world
She cascades,
Ever and always
Downward she falls,
And yet sometimes
In her ramblings she climbs,
With rings on every single finger
And butterflies in dreams,
Settling as momentary flowers
And garlands lifted beyond.
O she’s beautiful in her fringes
And ethereal reaches,
Beautiful in her bow
And salutation to the sun.


Copyright 2016 Ben Truesdale & distilledvoice

A Warm Feeling

I am a sponge
Drinking through my porous
Skin, drinking energy.

The air, the sea, the fluid of reality
Washes through me
Like a fresh born wave.

I float. I am held. Warmth allows
Each cells place in the world,
Space for every identity.

I am a sponge, welcoming
With open arms
Life’s movement through me.

© Ben Truesdale and distilledvoice, 2015