Love Connects Us

Though the days

Are heavy with loss

And the winter of grief

Holds us too close,

Love is yet

The deeper principle,

For all are borne

On love’s unknowable meandering,

All are borne upon life’s lifting back,

And though we are all

At some time recalled

Beyond our mind’s reach

And beyond the veil

Of substance and reality,

Love accompanies our passing,

Holding our hands

And whispering

That we are loved

And that those parted

Are not truly torn away

But still connected,

Still with us

In the union

That does not faulted

Or ever end.


I miss you
In the corner of my eye:
A shape in my periphery,
The you
Who dwelt
In the near regions
Of my world.

You have passed
Just an echo
And a shadow
And a wound
Where the life
Once burned.

Your goneness
Is the distance between
My missing part
And the grip
Of my heart
That holds the past
Of you still being.

© Ben Truesdale and distilledvoice, 2015