Merry Commercial Christmas


All aboard
Shouts Santa’s
Tannoy’d voice
In scourge of jingled
The under thought
Merrily singing
– sell, sell, sell –
To the tinsel touched
Whose endorphin mush
– buy, consume,
Oh hello hell of

Halloween is barely
Rid its mask
Yet machinery
Is yanked to start:
The conveyer belt –
With only 41 shopping days
Panic due –
Has the duped
Of wanting wide
And kids enlisted eyes
Firmly in its
Gravitational yaw
And pull.

Oh Jesus
Kill me
With a plastic sword
Or heal me of time’s crucifixion,
For I fear
I will not last
This carol-blasted
Foe-fun benediction
Of warm sentiments
Twinkling and contrived,
Nor has my wallet
Felt so pauper-ly old.

Maybe someone
Will get me a new one
This season’s opportunity
To retail with impunity
And give it me
With a measure
Of layered guilt
Festively applied.

Merry Commercial Christmas everyone!
It’s barely but November time!

© Ben Truesdale and distilledvoice, 2015

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