I walk in reality, breathing the breath,

Feeling the body, seeing with the eyes.

The world is beautiful

For it happens

Despite the thoughts in my head.

The garden grows, expands into spring,

The foliage lush with promise.

The cat sits by the pond, under the

Blossoming trees, and amid daffodils.

He breathes the air too,

Watching, always watching,

Thinking not one moment beyond the

Moment he’s in.

7 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. Ben! Just realised that you’re on wordpress. Been daily blogging for about 9 months and still at it. I switched out facebook for here. Better by far. Hope you’re well mate


      1. I ditched sea shanty and wrote another. Hoping to hear from an agent soon! It’s much better than the first! Fingers crossed! Loved the slightly camp and positive Darth Vader theme! Ha ha


      2. It was very funny! New book called Person In The Dark. It’s future fiction! Don’t worry, I’ll no doubt force feed all my unlucky friends with my work! Ha ha


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